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​     My name is Larry Alvarez, I'm the owner, operator, and head artist for The Airbrush Shop in Modesto, California. I have been airbrushing professionally since 1990. Specializing in custom automotive graphics, Motorcycles, Airbrush murals, and Girls Softball Helmets. I spend my time during the week working at The Shop Airbrushing Murals, Softball Helmets, and Graphics.

     All my contact information is below, so please contact me with your questions.

Thank you,


​Larry Alvarez
The Airbrush Shop
1133 Doker Dr. #1
Modesto Ca. 95351 
You may email me from this form below, Thank you.


Your Message was sent to The Airbrush Shop. I'll contact you shortly! Thank you, Larry Alvarez

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